How Lead Gen Services Revolutionize Your Recruiting Process

When people think of lead gen services, the first thing that typically comes to mind is sales. “How can lead gen services increase my revenue?” is a question that’s often the follow-up thought. But, there’s an outside-the-box use for lead gen services like email & phone marketing and LinkedIn Automation; and it can positively impact your organization: talent recruitment. Here’s how lead gen services revolutionize your recruiting process.

Increased Response Rates

No matter which lead gen services your company uses, you will get increased response rates from qualified candidates. For example, LinkedIn Automation’s Qualified Applicant (QA) algorithm better connects users with related recruiters, so InMail response rates increased by 45 percent. Through this, the likelihood of attracting and hiring top talent through InMail is now a staggering 50 percent!

Also, phone messaging is a service punching way above its weight class. According to Brazen, text messaging platforms used for recruiting report a 70 percent response rate! With a response rate like that, you’re more likely to get “ghosted” by a potential romantic partner than you are by qualified candidates.

Email marketing is no slouch, either. Lever claims that using this lead gen service only requires an average of 43 sourced candidates compared to the normal 109 applicants traditional recruitment methods require to hire for your company’s positions. That’s almost one-third the amount other methods need, and you get 100 percent the same top talent.

Become a One-Person Recruitment Dream Team

The beautiful thing about lead gen services is, they’re scalable. So, even if you’re an army-of-one human resources department, you can be as efficient as a team ten times your size. These services are cost-efficient à la carte or bundled together, so you can make sure you don’t miss out on connecting — and engaging — with top talent.

Popupsmart claims the average cost-per-lead is $198. Compare that to the $240,000 the Society for Human Resource Management calculated as the average cost-per-hire, and you can see the chasm between the two forms of recruitment.

These two ways how lead gen services revolutionize your recruiting process are just the tip of the iceberg. So, it may be time to change your thinking — the next time someone says “lead gen services,” your first thought should be how it can dramatically improve how you attract and hire qualified candidates.



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