Help! I have too many emails

Does this sound like you? You did everything right. You used the right email app and send a great email series and now you have an inbox full of hundreds or thousands of emails that need your personal attention. What do you do next? Automation, savvy thinking, and smart tech got you into this mess, and automation and savvy thinking is going to get you through it! Because after all, this is a great problem to have, it means you are creating opportunities for successful interactions and increased sales.

We know you have an amazing email drip campaign strategy or you wouldn’t be here. So now what is the best email response strategy? If you want more information about a successful email drip campaign and proper pitching, make sure to see my other articles or contact me for our training schedule.

First, you will want to have a template set up for the repetitive responses with a clear subject line so you won’t have to spend precious time searching. Then have a sorting strategy.

Have they asked to be removed from your list?

Have they asked for more information?

Do they want to set an appointment?

Is it an auto-reply?

Based on how you sort and the type of responses you can use your template. I would recommend some sort of personal touch.

Trust me, people remember it. Most assume they are in some automation to save time, so when someone takes the time to write their name (which can be automated by the way) it grabs attention. Bonus points if you can add something personal to the person as part of the reply. Make sure to handle the cancel emails first to keep your motivation up. Remember you will be saving the best for last.

Also, time yourself. A lot of the time you plan to answer emails and begin a timer and at the hour mark, see how many you worked through and create a spreadsheet to document it. This helps you keep track as you tweak your own personal strategy to see what works for you. This can be added to your prospect metric tracking as part of the entire process.

Time is a valuable resource and the better you utilize it, the more valuable you and your time become to those wanting to pay you for it. Think of it as similar to training for a marathon or some other activity. It takes strategy and commitment for maximum gain and if you are tracking your progress, studies show that it keeps your motivation going and up for when you hit the roadblocks. When we see how far we have come, we tend to push farther because we don’t want to waste the time we spent getting so far. Another method you can add to your strategy is accountability. Getting on video chats to work together can often be motivation. Many authors will have writing sessions on video chat. No one really speaks to each other, everyone is just on screen doing their own thing. Sometimes the village method can be quite effective!



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